A salad a day keep's the doctor away
eat healthy my friends


Your diet can help reduce your pain no matter what part of the body we talk about, It all start’s with a healthy intake of food. When we only eat high fructose~high calorie~high saturated fat food’s it has a bad effect on the body like digestion ,circulation ect.. CHECK OUT WAY’S TO LOSE WIEGHT AND GET PAIN RELIEF<HERE>

We need to be more careful about the food’s we choose to put in our body’s because there is are a lot of  GMO’s {genetically modified organism’s} in our food supply, it’s everywhere. GMO’s could be linked to many ailment’s we are  becoming immune to compound’s we just shouldn’t be ingesting, more and more children are being diagnosed with autism, ADD, ADHD, ect.. many more we will talk about later.

Even the milk we drink is being tainted with Growth Hormone’s and Antibiotic’s. Cow’s are injected every 2 week’s with Growth Hormone’s to help promote quicker milking just to make more money in the process, Read the label’s if it does not say organic or no-GMO’s it more than likely has R.B.S.T  which the dairy farm’s claim 90% is removed by the pasteurization and boiling process of the milk.   

WHAT'S IN YOUR MILK you are what you eat
we need to know what is in our cow’s

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