Let’s talk about your mood+ attitude  and how that could have a negative impact on the way the body deal’s with pain. Psychosomatic pain is a specific type of physical pain triggered by our psychological state.

Psychosomatic pain is a disorder characterized by chronic and physical symptoms with no apparent medical explanation. The term is derived from the word psyche referring to our mental state and soma which means body. Consider also that the word pain comes from the Latin word poena which means “penalty.”As the current of an emotion travels along our neural pathways, it triggers a release of chemical proteins called neuropeptides.  Each emotion has its own individual frequency simultaneously releases a corresponding receptor active peptide.The late Dr. Candace B. Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion, wrote about how unprocessed emotions in the body actually become stuck, thereby affecting a person’s entire system.

Negative emotions and negative thoughts have a different energetic frequency than positive emotions and thoughts, they can distort the organs, tissues, and cells that surround wherever they’re stored in the body.Our bodies literally punish us for putting them through hell an stressful emotional experiences. Unfortunately, negative emotions might not even be our own fault, but our bodies can’t tell the difference. Long-term emotional abuse or childhood neglect can manifest in chronic psychosomatic pain through no fault of our own.
Emotional inconveniences can also express themselves throughout our bodies in different forms of pain. The pain can last for years and even spread from one part of our body to another. We often won’t find a physical explanation or successful pharmaceutical treatment because there simply isn’t one.

Our minds and bodies work together, Mental pain can directly cause nerve damage and other physical pain.  we can also harness our minds to relieve physical pain, as well. In order to heal our bodies we need to identify and treat the negative emotions we might be going through everyday.When we feel emotionally balanced our bodies reflect this positive feeling as well  but when we have Positive emotions such as contentment or satisfaction has a positive action to the brain and tells it to release chemicals like as serotonin or dopamine to make our bodies feel good. Dopamine is your body’s natural pain reliever also serotonin which make us laugh and feel happy.When we find ourselves in a less-than-positive emotional state this mental state can express itself throughout our bodies. The brain release’s toxic levels of cortisol when we’re exposed to long-term physical, mental, or emotional stress. Our brain chemistry gets burnt-out and our bodies reflect this in physical ways.

The type of pain linked to high levels of cortisol or adrenal fatigue is easy for most people to identify, but emotional stress can express itself physically in many ways. For many people, chronic emotional stress just feels normal. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re in an unbalanced emotional state until we start examining our physical pain and attempt to determine its source.Do you have chronic headaches or a kink in your back you just can’t seem to shake? Have you already tried everything medically available but the pain just won’t go away? You could be looking in the wrong places.Many types of pain are directly linked to our emotions. Once we identify what’s causing the pain, we can start healing from the inside out.
Sleep is a important part for the brain and body to help start the healing process, When your not able to sleep because of pain it definitely prolongs the healing process and could have a negative impact on your recovery.

Always try to keep a positive attitude 1 day at a time because remember there is always someone more worse off than you and it could be worse.