Talking about pain

Now we are talking about pain and how we deal with it on a daily basis as we try to complete are task’s for the day. I know when I wake up everyday with pain I have to find something  that really hit’s home and inspirer’s you to keep pushing yourself into being the best you can be. It’s easy to give up but when you hear a story of someone that has had a terrible accident way worse then your injury it put’s you in check and you start to think of how it must be to live with a loss of limb or paralyzed in a wheel chair suddenly their story trump’s over yours and gives you the will to keep fighting, when you hear someone’s story that has been in a way worse scenario then yourself has been through,you start to appreciate the thing’s we take for granted being able to walk, go to the bathroom on your own, able to cook and feed yourself, live a somewhat independent life. If you are having lower back pain you can try aback brace←-here is one that might work well -→back brace’s

try this brace

If you just started a new family and you still want to do some hiking or camping, you need to check out  this awesome kid carry along →backpack← its great for carrying  heavy weight over long period’s of time this is a must havebackpack←

Proper way to distribute weight
proper weight distribution