We’re talking about lower back pain in America and how it will most likely impact you or someone you know. According to the “NINDS”  National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Lower Back pain is the most frequent cause of disability on the job and we collectively spend more than $50 billion on treatments for this type of back pain annually.

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There are some preventable exercise’s you can do on a daily base’s to stay on top of the pain, some type’s of pain can be treated without medication or surgery’s . If  you are suffering from a neurological problem that is the most hardest of all to find and treat. but with that being said you either use it or lose it. You must try everything available before considering surgery, most important of all is to keep moving your body try to stay somewhat active.

we are designed to move it’s important to practice some easy back exercise’s to help strengthen the back. we become stiff when we do nothing you need to keep moving to help with blood circulation and that help’s lubricate are joints and release’s toxin’s in the body.

back pain releiving stretches
learn and practice these stretches daily

The American Academy of Orthopedics Surgeon’s “AAOS” recommends spending 10-30 minutes a day if your in the early stage’s of pain, like when you first notice back pain don’t wait to long, have it checked out or talk to your doctor about it sooner than later.

Your doctor and physical therapist can suggest specific exercise’s for your current condition. The mayo clinic recommends repeating this lower back flexibility exercise five times daily then increase the number of rep’s.

Begin by lying on your back on a mat, bend your knee’s while keeping your feet flat on the mat. lift your pelvis in the air and try to hold that position for 5 seconds then relax back on the mat. Flatten your back as though you are trying to pull your naval down toward the floor then hold that pose for 5 second’s before relaxing back on the mat.

You can also try lower back rotational stretches’ that should be done two-three time’s a day, 1 in the morning then 1 in the afternoon. this will help keep your back as flexible as possible so you don’t stiffen up. Drinking water is more important than anything. It is now recommended that we drink half of are body weight in ounce’s. we are mostly made of water so it’s  important to drink an adequate amount to maintain a hydrated body. If your thirsty your dehydrated.

Back rotation stretch=  first begin by laying down on your back, bend your knee’s and place your feet flat on the floor. Focus on keeping your shoulders touching the floor and then roll your knee’s to one side of your body, hold this pose for up to 10 seconds before returning to your starting position then repeat for the other side.

Sit on an armless chair or stool and cross your left leg over your right leg,Twist your torso stretching to the side.{you can brace your right elbow against the outside of your knee for support} Hold this position for 10 second’s and then repeat for the other side.

Practicing abdominal contractions can help restore strength to your lower back and help you return to the activities that you may be missing out on due to back pain. begin by lying on your back with your knee’s bent,{rest your arm’s on your side} then just start contracting your abs, you should feel your rib’s squeeze downward toward your back. Hold this for 5 seconds then relax your muscles and then repeat the exercise- up to 10 times, be sure not to hold your breath while you do these exercises. I have hand picked these exercises for you, this will get you going just remember to take it real easy until your body is loosened up to the movements. beginner workout’s←

According to NINDS exercise’s that strengthen back muscles may be the most effective way to combat lower back pain and a speedy recovery. You should get in to a routine and focus on exercises that help improve mobility and flexibility such as walking, swimming, stretching, Yoga.

Listen to your body as you exercise if you start feeling any pain stop right away and consult you doctors. Be sure to consult with your team of doctors before trying new techniques just to be safe that you are not going to further injure yourself.  Keep on moving  the mild discomfort that you may feel when you begin these strengthen exercises should fade away as your back becomes stronger.


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