In pain? Drink more water……..Does this work??

Thanks to Jeff Reagon for this article


This is some of the coolest/weirdest back pain advice I’ve ever read.

Did you know 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their life.

And I’m sure you’re aware of the common “remedies” for back pain:

• Pain killers
• Anti-inflammatories
• Stretches
• Exercise
• Surgery
• Rest

All of the above, except for the stretching and exercise, just treats the symptom of back pain. They don’t treat the actual root cause.

What if the root cause was something much simpler than you ever imagined? Well, it could be.

So, I’m going to refer back to the water “guru” Dr. Batmanghelidj for help on the subject…

He says: “The spinal joints – intervertebral joints and their disc structures – are dependent on different hydraulic properties of water stored in the disc core and in the end plate cartilage covering the flat surfaces of the spinal vertebrae.

Water isn’t just a lubricant for the contact surfaces, it is held in the disc core to support the compression weight of the upper body.

Fully 75 percent of the weight of the upper body is supported by the water volume stored in the disc core. 25 percent is supported by the fibrous materials around the disc.

The principle in the design of all joints is for water to act as a lubricating agent, as well as bear the force produced by weight or tension produced by muscle action.”

That’s a mouthful, I know…

Simply put: Water supports your spine.

If you don’t drink enough of it, your back will likely hurt. If you drink more of it, your back will be better supported and potentially relieve your pain.

It’s similar with neck pain,In the meantime, I’ll say it again: Drink more water!

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