Pain fighting food’s that help reduce inflammation, which is usually the first cause of pain in are joint’s. If you can learn which food to eat that work with your body instead of working against it. There are many herb’s + spices that help reduce inflammation through out the body. I Have started to grow my own fresh organic herb’s+ spice’s, It’s so easy to start growing fresh healing herb’s+ spice’s right in your kitchen. This is such a convenient way to have the option to pick fresh herb’s everyday from the comfort of your home, you’ll wonder why you haven’t started growing your own earlier. This is a very easy system they give you everything you need to start and there are many settings to choose from that will automatically turn the L.E.D. light’s on/off at their required time’s, this system takes little to no space on the counter and it grows it self all you have to do is add water which it also has a low water light that comes on to let you know to add water. You just can not go wrong with growing your own herbs or fruit. I personally have 2 of these AREO GARDEN←

Many chronic diseases result from inflammation in the cellular level through out are body’s. The best thing you can do to put your inflammation in check is to stay on top of it, now it sounds easy but if you only focus on foods that help reduce inflammation you have a good start.

One important thing is to eat a diet rich in foods that have anti- inflammatory properties. Veggies are really important especially dark colored greens and cruciferous vegetable’s  like broccoli and cabbage, also Omega-3 rich fish,egg yolks, grass fed meats.

Now spices and herbs have a special place in reducing inflammation, compared to other foods spices and herbs are pound for pound extremely potent and better for you, also they help amplify the anti-oxidant’s available in your daily meals.

Inflammation and oxidation are closely related, now antioxidants quell free radicals that damage cells and lead to inflammation. Nutrients can also prevent inflammation through other path ways by turning off genes that trigger inflammatory proteins or processes by  boosting the concentration of proteins that counter inflammation by modulating the gut biome.


Chinese and Indian medical practitioners have used herbs and spices to treat all manner of ailments, thanks in large part to their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Just half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon has as many antioxidants as half a cup of blueberries while half a teaspoon of dried oregano has the antioxidant power of three cups of raw spinach.

Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, Black pepper, Strawberries, Blueberries, Tomato’s, even Pineapple stalks, its the extract in the pineapple stalks that has bromelain. Now bromelain features proteolytic compounds- which simply means it can break down proteins that’s way its a potent digestive aid, especially after protein heavy meals.

Turmeric another spice that has properties that help fight inflammation. It’s very important for any high fiber high protein diet that you are including the key ingredients to help break down that protein and fiber. The Plant Extract from pineapple stalks is called bromelain it features a compound known as a ‘proteolytic’- that simply means it can break down protein’s that help digestion especially after a heavy protein meal, which is important for the healing process after an injury or under going a surgery .

You can start helping your body heal it’s self quicker by taking care of the body, maintain a healthy diet, start by eating  more pain fighting foods to help keep a healthy balance. This has to be absolutely The Easiest way to get healthy food in front of you without going to the store every week to get fresh herb’s or any plant’s for that matter. I have been growing my own herb’s and fruit’s with this →AREO GARDEN← for about 4 years now, but at first I was a little skeptical, saying to myself how is this going to grow anything or even grow enough, but I have to say!!! I never thought this →AREO GARDEN← would be so effective but it’s definitely preforming well and I have more than enough to go around. This is another one but not stainless →AREO GARDEN← basically grows any kind of plant for you, all you have to do is fill up the reservoir with water and walk away. This unit will turn it’s self on/off. It has different light settings to be able to grow a wide range of plant’s like herb’s/spices/ fruit/veggie’s. I don’t think it get’s any easier than these  →AREO GARDEN’S←