A Pennsylvania coal fire led to a breakthrough in joint pain

When I read this I knew I had to share it.    I talk about pain a lot Because I know what it can do to disrupt your life.

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If you live with pain everyday you know how life can be Governed by pain and the way you go about dealing with your pain could have a positive or negative impact.

Having to say “no thanks” to any activity that will have you   Passing on a day of shopping because you wonder if you can be on your feet that long are you going to have to lay down.

Even struggling to get your groceries from the car to the kitchen.

Anyone who thinks joint and muscle pain ‘ especially as you get older’ isn’t a HUGE problem is living under a rock.

Now, there are many things you can do to ease the pain from creaky joints and throbbing muscles.

Some are very obvious. Some, not as much.

Commit to losing a few pounds, so the stress on your joints is eased. Or focus your diet on anti-inflammatory foods.

Whole books are written about this…

Massage. Acupuncture. Even exercise, which seems counter-intuitive but really does lessen pain…

Over time. And that’s the kicker.

If you’re dealing with pain – TODAY – something that promises pain relief “eventually” feels like too little, too late.

No matter what the science and the experts and the research says…  we want relieve now!!

A Pennsylvania coal fire led to a breakthrough in joint pain.

In 1964, a coal seam under this tiny Pennsylvania town caught fire. For years no one knew there was a problem, but today Centralia is a ghost town.

Even the roads fell apart, destroyed by a combination of 300-degree heat
and brutally cold winters.And for good reason.

The smoldering fires have been burning for decades — and flaring up with no warning.

Poison fumes belch out of the ground. Lakes and ponds boil. Homes crumble as their foundations crack from the relentless heat

And today, Centralia looks like…

Hell On Earth!

By now, you may be wondering what this modern-day ghost town has to do with your joint problems.Actually, the answer is simple.

Just like the coal fires under this tiny mining town, the fires of inflammation are constantly smoldering inside every cell in your body.

Just like those fires, the flames of inflammation can flare up without warning — leaving you unable to golf… garden… or even pick up your grandchildren.

And just like the invisible fires slowly destroyed Centralia’s buildings, bridges, and roads…

The Fires Of Inflammation Are Quietly Wreaking Havoc On Your Joints
Chances are you can’t see the damage — yet. But you can probably feel it.

Your bum shoulder may creak and pop. Your bad knee might feel like it’s full of hot gravel. A slight twist or  quick turn can send a red-hot bolt of pain through your back.

Those are just the early warning signs.Over time, runaway inflammation damages your tendons… ligaments… and cartilage. And when that happens, your body will fall apart, just like the crumbling buildings of Centralia.

Harvard Scientists Reveal Why Your Joints Still Hurt

If you suffer from stubborn joint problems, you’ve probably tried just about everything to get relief.

Maybe you cut out gluten and other inflammatory foods.
Maybe you tried supplements turmeric, fish oil, or glucosamine.
Maybe you used rub-on creams with DMSO, white willow bark, or emu oil.
But no matter what you do, nothing helps. You still suffer from stubborn pain and stiffness in your knees, back, or should?

Well, now a groundbreaking Harvard University study has found out why. You see, none of these remedies can fix the real culprit behind your miserable joint problems:The Hidden “Spark” That Ignites A Firestorm Of Inflammation

Every fire — from a tiny campfire to a raging inferno — begins with a spark. And the same is true of inflammation.

As it turns out, NF-kB is the “spark” that ignites the fires of inflammation.But until this groundbreaking Harvard study, no one knew it was a problem. In fact, most experts thought it was harmless.
And for good reason.

Normally, NF-kB is a “good guy.”It helps regulate your immune system. It fights off infections. It even “programs” your cells for faster healing.
But excess free radicals… toxins in your home or car… even tasty foods like hamburgers and French fries can send your levels of this “good guy” chemical through the roof.

that’s bad news. Because when NF-kB gets too high, it goes from “Dr. Jekyll” to “Mr. Hyde” — and sparks a firestorm of inflammation!
Here’s How It Works…

Excess NF-kB forces your body to pump out inflammatory triggers like COX-2 prostaglandins, and cytokines.As these chemicals spread from cell to cell, the fires of inflammation start to smolder. And before long, they’re raging out of control.

The result: Your bum knee stiffens up… your bad back goes out yet again… and your old elbow injury flares up in agony.And just like a raging wildfire, this firestorm of inflammation can take on a life of its own.

You see, inflammation “tricks” your body into thinking it’s under attack.
In response, your levels of NF-kB shoot up even higher. And that’s like pouring gasoline on a raging inferno.

Because more NF-kB means more COX-2… more prostaglandins… more cytokines… and more inflammation, pain and stiffness!And before you know it, you’re on dangerous downward spiral — where your joint pain, stiffness and inflammation just keep getting worse and worse.

But Here’s The Good News…

The same Harvard study made another shocking discovery:
When you lower NF-kB levels, you can snuff out the fires of inflammation at the source! When that happens, your levels of COX-2 and other pain-triggering chemicals plummet. Pain, swelling, and stiffness dissipates and your normal range of motion returns.

This breakthrough was so impressive the Harvard scientists who discovered it were awarded a U.S. patent.Top scientists around the world are hard at work, creating cutting-edge treatments to stop NF-kB cold.
But There’s Just One Problem…

These treatments are years away from hitting the market. And when they do, they won’t come cheap.(For example, a single research dose of one promising NF-kB inhibitor costs $1,000. That’s right — $1,000!)But don’t worry.

You don’t have to wait years to get relief. And you don’t have to spend a small fortune, either.You see, there’s a safe and natural way to fight NF-Kappa-B and finally make your joint problems a thing of the past.

The Toothache Remedy That Soothes Your Stiff, Achy Joints
So what is this amazing natural joint remedy? It’s cloves. That’s right, cloves!Or more specifically, clove oil. For years, dentists have used this natural oil to relieve pain from fillings, root canals, and even tooth extractions.

But new research shows it can also be a powerful weapon in the battle against joint pain, too. In fact, this natural extract fights pain and stiffness in three different ways! First, it.

Targets NF-Kb At The Cellular Level
The secret to clove oil’s amazing ability to relieve tooth pain is a powerful compound called eugenol. Studies show eugenol is a powerful antiseptic… antioxidant… and pain reliever. But that’s not all. It’s also one of the most potent NF-kB fighters around! In a recent study, scientists looked at eugenol’s ability to fight NF-kB inside cells.

In an oral study, what they found amazed them: Incredibly, eugenol inhibited more than 80% of NF-kB.Those kinds of results are almost unheard of, especially for a natural remedy and they could be great news for anyone suffering from stubborn joint pain.

You see, without the “spark” of NF-kB, the fires of inflammation don’t flare up as much. That can mean less pain… less stiffness… and better range of motion. that’s not all. You see, clove oil also…Lowers COX-2,Prostaglandins, And Cytokines, Too!

Clove oil’s ability to fight NF-kB is a powerful weapon in the battle against inflammation.But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. You see, eugenol attacks other inflammatory triggers, too. For instance, eugenol stops your body from pumping out prostaglandins. One study found it can cut them in half!

Eugenol also lowers COX-2 up to 60% making it as much as 4 times more effective than other natural remedies.As you can see, clove oil delivers a powerful “one-two punch” to your stubborn pain and inflammation.

First, it snuffs out NF-kB at the source — inside your cells. So it helps quell the fires of inflammation long before they rage out of control.
Plus it “cleans up” excess COX-2, prostaglandins, and cytokines — so you get even more relief!But this amazing natural remedy also reduces pain to…Almost No Discomfort.

But what’s really amazing is clove oil’s ability to fight stubborn pain.

You see, studies show eugenol — the active ingredient in clove oil — works as a natural pain-reliever. In one study, scientists compared clove oil to a common topical pain treatment.One group got the clove oil. Another got the pain gel. And a third group got a placebo.5 minutes after applying the cream, the volunteers were stuck with a sharp needle. And the results were impressive.

Both the clove oil group and the conventional treatment group reported almost no discomfort. But the placebo group felt every bit of pain!Clove oil’s pain-relieving benefits aren’t just skin deep. In fact, there’s evidence it actually “shuts off” your ability to feel certain types of pain. That’s because it disrupts a key pain pathway most natural remedies can’t touch.

And that can make a big difference in your stubborn pain and stiffness.
As you can see, clove oil is a powerful weapon against your joint problems. It snuffs out NF-kB at the cellular level — before it can trigger a firestorm of inflammation.

It zaps COX-2, prostaglandins, and cytokines. It can even help reduce stubborn pain by an astonishing 90%! In fact, clove oil may be one of the most effective joint pain remedies. keep posted to learn more….